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SAP FICO Training in Chennai

SAP FICO Stands for Financial Accounting and Controlling. SAP FICO is one of the  important module of ERP and both FI and CO modules stores the financial transactions data. SAP FI is used for external reporting i.e. Balance sheets. SAP FICO Module integrates with various other SAP Modules such as Materials Management, Sales and Distribution, Production Planning, Plant Maintenance and Project Systems. SAP CO helps to provide operational information to management of company to support business analysis and decision-making. SAP refers External Accounting as “Financial Accounting”(SAP-FI) while Internal Accounting is referred as Managerial Accounting(SAP-CO). SAP FICO comes under SAP Functional Module(Other Functional Modules are SAP HCM, SAP HANA, SAP MM, SAP Security and GRC, SAP SD)

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SAP FICO Course Content:-

  •   Organizational Structure and Global Parameters:
  •   Define Company Code
  •   Define Company and assign to Company Code
  •   Define Business Area
  •   Define Credit Control Area
  •   Maintain Controlling Area
  •   Assign Company Codes to Controlling Area
  •   Create Operating Concern
  •   Assign Controlling Area to Operating Concern
  •   Maintain Company Code Global Parameters
  •   Set company Code Productive
  •   Maintain Fiscal Year Variant
  •   Assign Fiscal Year Variant to Company Code
  •   Define Posting Period Variant
  •   Maintain Open and Close Posting Periods
  •   Assign Posting Period Variant to Company Code
  •   Define Field Status Variant
  •   Assign Field Status Variant to Company Code
  •   Define Document Types for Postings
  •   Define Number Ranges for Document Types
  •   Define Tolerance Groups for employees
  •   Assign Tolerance Groups
  •   Set Fiscal year Default for Company Code Set Default Value date Propose for Company Code
  •   Check and Assign Tax Calculation Procedure to Country
  •   Define Tax Codes for Sales and Purchases
  •   Define Tax Accounts for Postings
  •   Activate Extended Withholding Tax
  •   Define Withholding Tax Types for Invoice and Payment Postings
  •   Define Withholding Tax codes
  •   Assign Withholding Tax Types to Company Codes
  •   Define Accounts for Withholding Tax Postings

  • Define Vendor Account groups with screen layout
  • Create number ranges for vendor account groups
  • Assign number ranges to vendor account groups
  • Tolerance groups for vendors
  • Payment terms creation
  • Define Vendor Accounts
  • Post vendor invoice
  • Post credit memo
  • Display vendor accounts balances
  • Invoice clearing with outgoing payment posting
  • Display posted documents
  • Define Accounts for special GL transactions
  • Post down payment requests
  • Post down payments
  • Clear down payment against invoices
  • Reason codes for under and overpayment
  • Define accounts for payment differences
  • Automatic payment programme creation
  • Automatic payment programme e xecution with check output
  • Vendors ageing analysis

  • Define chart of Accounts List
  • Assign Company Code to Chart of Accounts List
  • Define Accounts Groups and Screen layout for Account group
  • Define Retain Earning Accounts
  • Define GL Account Master Records with Chart of account view and Company Code view
  • General Ledger Postings with Normal and Enjoy
  • Display Posted documents and Accounts
  • Reverse Wrong documents posted
  • Account Assignment Model
  • Interest calculation and Postings
  • Posting with Foreign currency
  • Define methods for foreign currency valuation
  • Prepare Automatic posting for foreign currency valuation
  • Revaluation of foreign currency balances
  • Maintain Exchange rates maintain table
  • Define Reason Codes
  • Clear open item with full settlement,
  • Partial and Residual methods

  • Define House Banks with Bank Accounts
  • Creation of check number ranges for check lots
  • Check creation
  • Cancellation of issues check with reasons
  • Check register

  •  Define Vendor Account groups with screen layout
  • Create number ranges for vendor account groups
  • Assign number ranges to vendor account groups
  • Tolerance groups for vendors
  • Payment terms creation
  • Terms for Installment payments
  • Define Customer Accounts
  • Create customer Invoice
  • Clear invoice against incoming payment Dunning Procedure
  • Display document posted
  • Display customer accounts balances
  • Maintain correspondence with vendors
  • Generate customer statements
  • Customer ageing reports
  • Define tolerances for customers
  • Down payment received
  • Clear down payments against customer invoices
  • Setup credit control area
  • Set customer credit limits
  • Check posting against credit limits
  • Check posting against credit limits

  • Copy and Modify the chart of depreciation
  • Assign Chart of depreciation to Company Code
  • Specify Account determination
  • Create screen layout rules
  • Define number ranges
  • Define Asset classes
  • Define depreciation areas post to GL
  • Assign GL accounts for postings
  • Define 0% tax codes
  • Define depreciation keys
  • Screen layouts for asset masters and depreciation areas
  • Create Asset Masters
  • Acquisition of assets with and without vendors
  • Retirement of assets
  • Transfer of assets
  • Scraping of assets
  • Capital work in Progress settles to Assets
  • Depreciation run and post
  • Display document posted
  • Display Asset Account balances
  • Asset explorer and history sheet
  • Specify asset take over date
  • Activate company code for data transfers

  • Period end closing Activities
  • Year end closing Activities
  • Generation of reports in period and year end
  • Preparation of financial statement version
  • Master data and transactional data upload

  • General Controlling:-
  • Maintain controllin area
  • Activate Components for controlling area
  • Assignment of company code to controlling area
  • Maintain number rangers for controlling area documents
  • Maintain versions and setting for fiscal year

  • Introduction to cost centers accounting
  • Activate Cost center accounting in controlling area
  • Define Standard Hierarchy for cost centers
  • Define cost center categories
  • Define cost center groups
  • Create cost centers
  • Define cost elements for activity allocation
  • Create activity types
  • Maintain statistical key figures
  • Post transaction to cost centers
  • Generate cost center reports
  • Plan values and quantities for activity Prices
  • Calculate activity prices
  • Periodical reposting of cost
  • Create and execute Assessment cycle
  • Create and execute distribution cycles
  • Activity allocation
  • Setting for automatic posting of cost

  • Introduction to internal orders
  • Activate order management in controlling area
  • Maintain budget and planning profiles
  • Planning
  • Define Order types
  • Number ranges for orders
  • Creation of Real and statistical orders
  • Re posting to orders
  • Secondary cost elements for order settlement
  • Posting values to internal orders
  • Display internal order reports

  • Define cost sheet for overhead calculation
  • Define cost component structure
  • Define transfer structure
  • Maintain material cost estimate with quantity structure
  • Product cost mark and release
  • Define cost accounting relevant setting for order types and plants
  • Maintain result analysis key for work in progress calculation
  • Check variance variant
  • Calculate variance for order
  • Number ranges for variance documents and settlement documents
  • Define Material Master
  • Define Plant
  • B.O.M
  • Routing
  • Work center

  • Introduction to Profitability Analysis
  • Maintain operating concern
  • Maintain characteristics
  • Maintain value fields
  • Define profitability segment
  • Maintain characteristic values
  • Define derivation rules
  • Setting for data flow from SD
  • Setting for data flow from FI and MM
  • Display reports in COPA
  • Mapping of SD Conditions to CO-PA Value Fields

  • Create primary and secondary cost elements
  • Creation of cost elements manual and automatic
  • Define cost element categories
  • Define cost element groups
  • Define number ranges for recon postings

  • Introduction to profit center accounting
  • Maintain standard hierarchy
  • Importance and Create dummy profit center
  • Maintain profit center groups
  • Creation of profit centers
  • Assignment of profit centers in cost center master data
  • Assignment of cost centers in material masters
  • Maintain automatic account assignments for revenue elements
  • Profit center for additional balance sheet accounts and PL accounts
  • Posting to profit centers
  • Display Profit centers reports

  • Over view on ASAP methodology
  • Transport request creation and release
  • Over view on technical aspects
  • SAP Query
  • Topic wise interview questions
  • Mock Interview
  • Mind Set at the Time of Interview
  • Voice Module / Body Language at the time face to face
  • Other Necessary Interview Tech.
  • FAQ’s
  • Tickets

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Review By Our Students
Ramesh - FI/CO Student
Date of Update
Trainer is good in teaching; Account payable and Receivables and asset accounting and all the topics he covered deeply.

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